Legacy Upgrades

Let us bring your legacy systems up to modern standards

  • Overview

    Do you have a legacy system that needs to be updated? We specialize in updating websites and mobile apps to meet modern standards.

  • Companion Mobile App

    Are you being left behind in the mobile revolution? We specialize in creating mobile apps for iOS and Android that integrate with older legacy systems. We can help develop the app and APIs into your legacy system to help you enter the mobile age.

  • Mobile App Upgrade

    There has been rapid progress in the mobile app world since 2008. Do you have an old app that needs to be brought up to current standards? We help with these types of projects all the time. A few of the things we can help you with:

    • Update iOS and Android apps to run on latest OS versions
    • Clean up deprecated code to meet current iOS and Android Standards
    • Convert Objective-C to Swift
    • Convert Android Eclipse projects to Android Studio
  • Website Upgrade

    Has it been awhile since you updated your website? We offer many services to help breathe new life into your site:

    • Give your site a design refresh for a clean modern look
    • Update your HTML, CSS and Javascript to meet latest standards
    • Convert Objective-C to Swift
    • Port old code into a new more modern language

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