Project Rescues

Project Rescues

Project Rescues

Rescuing the lost and stranded projects from ruin


On a regular basis we get contacted by potential clients that tell us horror stories of app and website projects gone horribly wrong. Our goal is to help these clients rescue their project and get it completed in the quickest most cost effective way possible.

Common Issues

There are a wide variety of issues that may arise that would cause a mobile app or website project to require rescue. Some of the common reasons people choose Clever Coding to help them include:

  • Huge project cost overruns
  • Unstable and unusable apps
  • Deadlines not being met in a reasonable time frame
  • Communication barriers with foreign developers
  • Unresponsive developers not meeting the client's expectations

The Fix

The first step in the process is to get us access to the current code base. We are happy to sign an NDA before you send us the code. When we receive the code we will do a thorough review and come back to you with our recommendations on the best way to move forward. This review of the code is done for free with no obligation to you.

Our goal is to always find the best solution that provides the quickest turn around and lowest cost to completion. That being said anything we work on and deliver to clients has to meet certain quality standards which may mean some parts of the project may need to be redone or at least cleaned up before those standards are met. Any code we identify that does not meet our quality standards will be discussed with you during the free no obligation review process.

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