Custom Branded
Emergency Ready App

Hire us to create a Custom Branded Version of the Emergency Ready App for your agency or company. App Store links to download the Emergency Ready App and a sample custom version we built for one of our clients is available towards the bottom of this page.

Custom Branded iOS and Android Apps

We can create a custom emergency app for iOS and Android, Phone and Tablet. That includes your branding guidelines, logos and images. We can customize the home screen designed to meet your needs.


Platform enables you to send notifications to your user's phones and tablets

Custom Guides, Manuals and Scenarios

We will add any custom emergency guides and scenarios that are needed to meet your agencies or company needs

Fixed Price

Everything we do is based on a fixed price. We offer free consulation to help us understand your goals and help you understand if our service will fit your needs. More info about pricing is further down on this page..

Emergency Ready App

Below is a list of standard features of the Emergency Ready App which is the foundation of each custom branded version we create

Make a Plan

Ability for users to add in their info that will be needed in an emergency. Features including: Add family member with individuals info, medical info, medications, etc. Add info for meeting places, emergency contacts, insurance info, evacuation list, home inventory and other useful checklists

Get a Kit

Predefined Check List including: Evacutation Kit, Sanitation Kit, Vehicle Kit, Pet Kit, Shelter-In Kit, Elderly/Special Needs, Child/Baby Kit, First Aid Kit and other Additional Info

Be Informed

Hazard guides and education information for different emergency situations including: Coping with Disasters, Earthquakes, Hazardous Weather, Fires, Utility Failres, Public Health Emergencies, Hazardous Material, Terrorism

Custom Branded Sections.

Sections to add info on how users can get involved with your agency or company, and other national emergency groups. Custom contact sections where you can add contact info for agencies and companies relevant to your users. This could include local, county, state and federal agencies. Contact info for your agency or company. Contact info options include phone numbers, websites, social media accounts. Links to local traffic, weather, and ability for user to send you photos by email.

How it works

This is what you can expect when you decide to work with us.

Customized App

We will work with you to gather your requirements to brand the app with your logos, icon and data.

Fixed Price

We work on a fixed price model. The price is tiered based on your target user base. For a state, county or city is is based on population size. For a company or organization it is based on your target user base. For example number of employees, customers or members. There is an initial fee to get the custom version created and published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After the first year there is an additional yearly renewal fee to keep your app on the App Stores. All bug fixes and all updates needed to address device compatibility and updates to support the latest iOS and Android OS versions are included for free. You are able to update your custom content, home screen and/or contacts two times per year for free.

Custom Home Screen

We can customize the home screen to reflect what is important to you. For example. Do you already have an alert system in place? We can had a button that will link to the signup for that system. Do you have your own manual we can include it as a pdf and add a button on the home screen to view it in the app.

Quick Turnaround.

Once a contract is in place and you have provided us all need information we can have your custom branded app ready to publish on the app stores in less than 5 business days.

App Downloads

Emergency Ready App

Base App for all Custom Builds

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Tooele Ready App

Tooele County Emergency Management partnered with us to create the Tooele Ready App for Tooele County, Utah.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

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