Our Approach

Clever Coding has a simple yet thorough approach for the mobile development projects we work on.

The First Steps

These are the first steps in our approach

Getting Started

Understand Your Requirements

We work with you to gather details about your project to insure we clearly understand your overall goals and requirements

Free No-Obligation Estimate

Based on your goals and requirement we will put together an estimate for the cost of the project and the time frame we can have it completed in.

Create a Roadmap

Once you are ready to move forward we will work with you to establish a roadmap for the project including milestones, timeframes and deliverables

Rapid Prototype

The first deliverable with be an app you can install on your mobile device or view on a mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

Weekly builds

Our goal is to provide you with a weekly build of your project so that you can see the progress made during the week and provide constant feedback on the project


Once the project is done we will assist you in getting your mobile apps published on Apple and Google and helping publish a public version of your website. We then hope to establish a long-term partnership with you to support the product and help develop future features

Long-term partnership

Our goal is to be a great development partner with your company. We work hard during the initial development phase to lay the groundwork for a long term partnership with you focused on your success and delivering high quality products


Contact Us

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