Mobile app design project for a business client from Clever Coding

Custom Content Management System

In need of a customized content management system. We offer a robust, full-featured content management system that we can custom branded for companies and individuals.

CMS Cost Overview

We charge a one time licensing fee for the base product which buys you a lifetime royalty free license to a copy of the projects source code for use in your project


The base CMS feature include
  • Support Rich Text, Documents, Images and Videos
  • Ability to group your content by library
  • Ability to monitize content through subscriptions or per item in app purchases
  • Built to be deployed on cloud systems including AWS and Azure
  • Cross platform friendly designs
  • Responsive Web App that includes web admin and end user apps
  • End User Native iOS and Android Apps

Need Customizations?

The base CMS is created to be extended. You can hire us to add in those custom features your project might require. Or since you are purchasing a license to the source code your in house developers can customize the product for you.

Starter App Include

The CMS is built on top of our Starter App Product. So all Starter App modules are available for you to include in your project at no additional cost. The Starter App is modular so you only include those features relevant to your project. Those features include:
  • User Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Help & FAQ
  • Branding Admin
  • Learning Management System
  • Customer Relation System
  • Contact Us, Send Feedback, Rating System, About Us
  • Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Editors to edit content
  • Page Builder for your public facing website with support for dynamic marketing/funnel pages
  • Blog

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