• Experience

    Clever Coding has built hundreds of apps since 2008. We had one of the first 2000 apps on the Apple App Store.
    Clever Coding has expertise in all major iOS, Android and Web technologies.

  • Full Service

    Clever Coding can cover all your development needs!
    Clever Coding has an experienced team that can write both the app and server code needed to create your app. We have experienced graphic designers that can create stunning looking graphics for your app.

  • Highly Acclaimed Apps

    Clever Coding has created many top 100 apps and apps that have been featured by Apple.
    Apps developed by Clever Coding have been featured in many top websites and app review sites.

  • Mobile App Development

    We have been creating mobile apps since 2008. We have developed hundreds of mobile apps for clients all over the world.

  • Web Development

    We have a team of web developers ready to create a modern/responsive website that will wow your end users.

  • Billing Models

    Find out more about the different billing options we have.

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