In 2008, Apple first opened up the App Store, which would forever revolutionize the way humans function. Around this time, Clever Coding’s founder, Steve Moon, was flying back and forth to Houston for a project he was offering consultations on. He would pass the time on the flight by watching movies on his first generation iPod Touch. That summer, when the App Store opened, Steve downloaded some apps and immediately knew that Apple had started something absolutely groundbreaking. The possibilities of what was essentially a pocket computer with an always active internet connection, camera, and GPS were limitless.

Convinced that the world was on the edge of a technology revolution, Steve went out and bought his first Mac, and got to work on an his first of many iPhone app development projects. As a father of young children, the natural choice was to develop a children’s app. Thus, “First Words” was born. After a few months spending long hours learning to code iPhone apps on his own, Steve finished First Words. This app was one of the first 2000 apps on the App Store. With a little bit of marketing, First Words was immediately successful and was featured in Apple’s Education Section.

Steve wondered if other app development companies were interested in hiring programmers to help them build mobile apps. After some market research, it was obvious that there was a huge demand in the marketplace for mobile app developers.

Steve quit his consulting job and went on to build one of the best application and web development providers in the nation: Clever Coding.

In 2009, we got our feet wet in gaming with the game engine Unity3d. We created Paper Pilot and, after some successful marketing campaigns, it shot into the top 100 paid apps. We ran a campaign and gave away our app for free for a week and it shot to number 2 on the “free apps” list where it was downloaded millions of times.

Since then, Our mobile app development company has continued to grow and be a part of many amazing projects. Additionally, we have been lucky to hire many talented developers over the years.

Clever Coding now employs a team of highly experienced web and mobile app developers who have the expertise and experience to turn any app idea into a reality. Contact us today.