FAQ and Help

The End User Apps have an FAQ and Help section that consist of a list of categories, a list of Help/FAQ titles by subcategory and a detail view for a single FAQ/Help topic.

The detail view consists of one of these options: rich text, documents such as pdf or word doc, images or videos.

The Admin App manages the FAQ/Help content that displays in the End User Apps.

The Super Admin App manages the FAQ/Help content that displayys in the Admin App.

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Push Notifications

The Starter App supports iOS, Android and Web push notifications. In the End User Apps users are able to turn notifications on and off and select which category of notifications they would like to recieve notifications for. The End User Apps allows users to view a list of previously sent notifications and view notification details. In the Admin App users are able to view a list of previous sent notifications and scheduled notifications. The admin users are able to view, edit and delete notifications and are able to create new notifications that can be sent out immediately or scheduled to be sent in the future.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

The Starter App includes a Learning Management System (LMS) module.

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