Rating System

The Starter App includes a rating system module. In the Admin App you can configure the apps to prompt thet end user to rate your app after a certain time period or number of app launches. In the Admin App you can set the threshold of how many stars are considered a “good” rating. If they give you a good rating the platform will prompt them to review your app on the App Stores, Google Reviews and Facebook. If the user leaves a bad review the apps will then prompt the user to enter in the hreason for a bad review.

The reviews show up in the Admin App giving admin users the ability to review them and optionally communicate with users based on their rating.

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The Starter App includes a feedback module. This includes pages where your users can leave feedback about the app including reporting any issues they may find in the app. This feedback is displayed in the Admin App where admin users can review the feedback and communicate with the end user about the feedback they provided.

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The blog has built in integration to pull from a standard wordpress instance

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