Will mobile app developers find new tools in IoT and cloud computing?

28904068_MAsk any mobile app developer and they will tell you: Developing an app that works on multiple device types and operating systems is no easy task. To do this, an experienced mobile app developer must develop cross-platform capabilities in order to create their app. Each time a new type of device is released, a mobile app developer must design an entirely new app for the new device. Finding ways to adapt apps across platforms is a problem that most developers point to as their number one issue.

Fortunately, the technologies of the future are going to help them do just that. As cloud computing and the Internet of Things continues to reshape industries, mobile app developers will be able to address these problems with relative ease. Mobile app development and mobile computing will allow developers to store their apps and data on servers in the cloud, which will enable them to quickly utilize various tools to create new apps according to the device and OS type.

The tools that will allow a mobile app developer to enhance user experience

When users can access an app through the cloud using their mobile phone, response times and usability increase by a large margin. App developers can utilize tools such as MEAPs and HTML5 in order to make this happen.

By using cloud computing to store and share large amounts of information, users and developers can access data from just about anywhere in the world. In this way, platforms that store and share data increase reliability, access, and security.

Mobile cloud computing is where the rubber hits the road. Enhanced mobile cloud computing infrastructure provides a comprehensive ecosystem for apps to reside in. In this way, app processing and storage can happen outside of the user’s device, thus freeing up hardware resources at a time when apps are using them more and more.

Many a mobile app developer relies on mobile clouds and tools to help deliver a simpler, more streamlined product to their users. In this way, developers can eliminate difficulties associated with developing apps for multiple device types.

HTML5, MEAPs, and IoT, oh my!

HTML5 allows mobile app developers to determine what the end device using the app is. This IoT tool allows the developer to make a query in real-time by quickly determining what kind of data is sent to a mobile device. They are better able to define the scope of their app in this way.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) will themselves make supporting cloud-based apps far easier. MEAPs are sets of wide-ranging products and tools that enable more efficient and effective app development. For example, a MEAP may be used to help data from the cloud convert properly to fit on the screen of a particular mobile device. MEAPs also have authentication features built in, this way if a user loses their mobile device, the information contained within it can be wiped.

Utilizing the Internet of Things and cloud computing to enhance app development provides mobile app developers with a number of useful benefits, whether it be through accessing powerful back-end processes or providing more apps to more users around the world. When apps are centralized within a cloud-computing security scheme, it becomes far easier to control the user experience and other development outcomes.

At Clever Coding, we have been developing, utilizing, and working with advanced tools such as these for a long time. Our experience as a premier mobile app developer comes with the reassurance that the mobile apps we develop will work with any mobile device we target, no matter the type. For an app developed with technology you can count on, contact us today.

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