What Clever Coding Can Do for You

Here are some of the many services that Clever Coding can provide

HELLO WORLD! Welcome back to the Clever Coding blog. Our app development company based in Lehi, Utah offers an unmatchable ability to bring your app and website ideas to life. We employ a team of exceptional mobile app developers and designers well versed in the coding languages, such as Java, CSS3, HTML5, Objective-C, and more. We’ve put in the work to master these languages and we’re happy to use our knowledge to help you develop the app or website idea that you’ve always dreamed of. Today, on our blog, we’re going to talk about some of the services that our web and app development company offers. Regardless of your experience with coding languages and mobile app development, Clever Coding can provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you understand the development process.

We Offer iPhone and Android App Development

There are two types of people in this world: iPhone people and Android people. Both of these phones differ on their interface and therefore, the apps that run on them need to be made differently. While the user experiences the apps quite similarly on both types of devices (i.e. Snapchat is the same on a Galaxy and iPhone), each device requires the app to be coded in a separate programming language. Android apps are developed using the C-based language, Java, and iOS apps are developed with C-Sharp. Our mobile app developers are fluent in both languages and can design and code an app for whatever device you want.

Full Stack Development

Clever Coding also offers web development services so that you could have a fully functioning website tailored to you or your business’s needs. A website is more than just what it looks like on the surface, especially the websites that we see today. Every picture, text, form, and button was designed using web development languages. In website development, there are two separate parts of that site: the frontend and backend. Think of websites as a musical. What we see on the stage, such as pictures, is part of the frontend; and what happens behind the scenes, like updating the content, is the backend. Each segment of the website is coded differently, and usually web developers either specialize in frontend or backend web development (developers who do both are fullstack developers). Clever Coding offers services for both the frontend and backend of websites, so that your site is fully functioning and tailored to your needs.


Clever as our coding may be, there will constantly be a need for change. Between Android and Apple constantly making changes to their interface and users wanting different things, the design of an app is going to need to be constantly tweaked in order to keep up with the changing market. When you come to us with your app idea, we make it our priority to establish a long-standing relationship with you so that your app can withstand the evolution of technology. We’ll help keep your app up to date, address and fix bugs, and help add additional features to your website or mobile application. The services that we offer are rarely a “one time” deal, as technology is constantly making changes.

Separate Billing Models

Everybody has a different project, separate expectations, and budgets. Therefore, we constructed several billing models, such as a fixed price model and a time and material one, that work for separate needs. Thanks for reading today’s blog and we hope that you learned more about our web and app development company! We have the tools, creativity, and insight to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today!  

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