Things to Consider When Building an App

Consider these steps before having us build your app!

Hey everyone! And welcome back to the Clever Coding blog. It’s been awhile since our last post (we’ve been directing our creative insight into developing the best apps around), and we just wanted to say system.out.println(“HELLO WORLD!”). We here at Clever Coding have been around since the beginning of apps, and we continue to help you achieve your mobile application development dreams. Whether you’re a genius versed in the age old language of C, or someone who can’t tell a class from an ID—which really isn’t that easy—the mobile app developers at our company truly have the expertise to put your app idea on the market. Today, we’re going to discuss the several things you should be considering if you’re planning out an app. Creating a successful app is much more than the programming that goes into the backend. The most popular apps today are a perfect combination of design, speed, usability, and ability to evolve with the changing market. If you think you have the best and most nuanced idea for a new app that’s sure to make it’s mark in the mobile world, ask yourself these questions:

Can it Realistically Work?

Mobile programming, while seemingly magical, is not. The coding that goes into the tricks and turns of any of software or app that you use is made from a language that is then translated and read by the hard drive. While it may seem like Gandalf is hanging out behind the screen, he isn’t. Therefore, if your app idea can’t be physically written into a coding language, then it can’t come to life. For example, an app meant to detect if your dinner date is digging you might not fly because of a stunning lack of data that could be translated. An app that generates some clever conversation starters based on your date's career...we certainly can do.

Who is the Demographic?

Understanding your target demographic can help with both development and design. For instance, if it’s a game app designated for 13-15 year-olds, then the graphics and user controls shown on the interface would be much different than an insurance account app for a senior citizen. Designing and programming for a specific demographic leads to much more success than apps targeted for the abyss. Figure out who you think is going to want to use your app, and then move forward. Luckily, our mobile app developers have been through the ropes and can surely help you understand who your demographic should be.

Can the App Be User Friendly?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to impossible to develop an app that everyone, regardless of physical and mental ability, could use. But, we can sure as heck try our best. Especially recently, there’s been a lot of thinking and innovation going towards developing apps and websites that are optimized for those who may have difficulty seeing, using, and understanding smartphones and computers. For example, while the aesthetic of cursive font in your app may be nice, it might be difficult for people with vision impairments to read and maneuver. Understanding ways to design the app in a way that is as user friendly as possible can be the difference between your app succeeding over thousands of others developed under the same thought processes and having a flop.

Are you Going to Charge for an App?

If your app pulls complicated data from multiple, difficult to access or translate sources, then it might be worth charging for it. But, understand, that most mobile users are going to download the app that’s free. With thousands of apps on the market, it’s imperative that you choose wisely whether you want to charge or not. And, if you do plan on charging, then it’s probably in your best interest to have a marketing plan for the app. Foo Bar? Not with us. Take the idea that’s been sitting in the back of your mind and bring it to life with one of the first app development companies to make waves in the mobile programming world. Clever Coding has both the creativity and technical ability to take your app where it needs to go. Give us a call today!  

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