The real deal on mobile app development

40828787 - mobile applications concept. hand with phones flat illustration.We know how to create a mobile app from nothing more than the barest “kernel” of an idea – pun intended for all the coders out there. From the moment of conceptualization to the description and coding specific actions, to marketing tips, and more, navigating the mobile app development landscape is not easy.

It is important to consider that mobile app development is not limited to simple coding. Stages of the process include everything from clarifying the idea to prototyping and the final polish. Like a shiny toy on four wheels, what your mobile app development partner creates should fly off the digital lot fresh with that new software smell. It must be precision work, done right the first time, every time.

It is a crowded user field out there

If you look at statistics from eMarketer, your average user spends around 23 minutes a day using a mobile app. This number is rising, even as the numbers for web and PC use continue to fall. You could be looking to deliver an ultimate gaming experience or simply start a new business on the back of an app – whatever your game plan, you need a trusted partner to keep you on the right track.

A software flower blossoms from a digital bloom

To develop a truly award-winning app, one must first plant the seed of an award-winning idea. Only through the creative process, whether it be through addressing a need or fulfilling a pleasure center in the brain, will an app rise or fall. Your software flower – the idea that a segment of your business will be passed upon – will only blossom to its full potential when watered with both customer need and creativity.

Determining the requirements for success

When you choose a mobile app development partner who has years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured they will be able to give you a ballpark cost estimate based on the concept you provide them with. This should include your platform of choice, what type of pricing model you expect, the overall scope of the work, and more. Have your account manager or lead technician ready to get through the process with a final product you are proud of!

There is always a time for money

There are multiple pricing models associated with mobile app development. If you choose a fixed price approach, you will want to make sure the technology covers all the features you want to pack into the app. A fixed price package does not leave much room if you need any extras tacked on at the end. Another way to handle it is to simply add a supplementary agreement to the fixed price agreement. Time and Material contracts are also a great way to handle needs as they come.

It must always be logical

Just ask Spock, of Star Trek fame. He would have been able to tell you all about “app logic.” The server your app resides on harnesses app logic using development tech like PHP, .Net, Ruby on the Rails and more. It can refer to everything from a live chat feature to social features or referral programs. What do you want your app to do, and are the demands you make of it logical? If not, it may be time to reconsider your concept or to return to the drawing board.

Mobile app development done the right way

These are all questions we deal with on a regular basis at Clever Coding. Creating award-winning apps based on solid industry principles is simply what we do. Providing you with thought-leading analysis drives the core of our blog. We hope you enjoy the journey!

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