Learning Management Systems Are The Best Employee Training Resources

If your company is growing or if you have realized there needs to be some sort of unified information distribution system outside emails, videos and in-person meetings, then it may be time for you to consider how a Learning Management System can help your organization.

What is a Learning Management System? 

There will come a time when every growing business needs to hire more people to help fulfill their commitments to their customers. However, many businesses have found it difficult to effectively educate new employees on the correct procedures and processes the company uses. This problem is magnified as companies need to hire more and more employees. Owners and managers essentially need to be able to translate the knowledge they have into the brains of their new employees as quickly as possible. 

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software program that delivers the required education information, tracks individual learning progress and helps evaluate knowledge retention, all in a digital environment. Companies use a LMS to help ensure that employees are all on the same page when it comes to essential company information. 

How do companies use Learning Management Systems?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the industry you are in, but it essentially comes down to a single principle: Companies use Learning Management Systems to effectively distribute essential information and learning materials in an accountable and user-friendly way. 

Advertising or Marketing agencies use a LMS to teach new employees about the client communication process or how to execute on a requested service. IT departments can use a LMS to teach employees of other departments about proper equipment use or security procedures. Construction companies can use an LMS to teach about workplace safety. Retail stores can use a LMS to teach company wide customer service best practices. 

When it comes to information distribution within a company, a LMS is the ideal tool to ensure that the same material is distributed at an equal level. 

The Benefits of Using a Company Learning Management System

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: As an employer, you want to be able to deliver essential information to employees in a way that allows them to learn on their own without you having to do too much hand holding. A LMS is designed to do just that. The 2020 #VyondTheSurface study on Workplace Attitudes found that 51% of employees prefer self-guided online training over instructor-led training. 
  • Increased Employee Skill Development - Employees are far more likely to stay with a company that is invested in their growth and development as a person and as a professional. A Learning Management System is an effective way to teach employees new skills that will help them grow and develop. 
  • More Effective Human Resources Department - Every Human Resources department has educational material that employees are required to learn. Oftentimes the material from Human Resources is required to be distributed to employees by law. A Learning Management System helps more effectively distribute that information in a way that makes employees accountable for their own learning. 
  • Increased Employee Accountability - Speaking of accountability, a Learning Management System is an effective way for managers to keep track of employee educational progress to ensure that the company is able to run efficiently. When managers can see who is and who isn’t completing their educational tasks, it makes employee evaluations more data driven and makes it more clear when changes need to be made. 

Not every company will have the same needs when it comes to a Learning Management System. Sometimes a company’s very identity is so unique that a universal LMS software just won’t be able to fulfill all their needs. That’s why at Clever Coding, we offer customized Learning Management System building to our clients. To work with one of our developers or to get a commitment free estimate for a custom LMS for your company, feel free to contact us here

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