Apps and Revolutionizing the Medical Industry (I)

Apps and the Medical Industry: Part 1

Hello, and welcome back to the Clever Coding blog. We’re an app development company based in Lehi, Utah that works to provide thinkers with the tools to bring their ideas to reality. One thing that we’ve been focusing on lately, and what we believe deserves a lot of attention, is apps that are designed for the medical industry. We all rely on medicine to, well, keep us alive and healthy, and without doctors, nurses, and other staff, we’d be in a lot of trouble. Technology wears many different masks, especially in regards to the medical industry. Clearly, it’s helping with the tools and medicine itself, but it’s also assisting with something much more simple: communication. Mobile apps assist us with almost everything from monitoring our bank accounts, to communicating with people from around the world, and to navigating the streets. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, labs, and other medical facilities are also turning towards mobile apps to help the overall process. Here are a few ways how:

Health records

Most apps today tap into the cloud which holds tons of information. You can access the cloud from anywhere that internet is available, and in the United States, that’s pretty much everywhere. Health records are often stored in computers, which, unfortunately, most people can’t quickly access unless they’re right in front of that computer. If a doctor or hospital needs a patient's medical records, they need to make calls, have information faxed, and make sure the patient is verifying the transfer of information. The cloud and mobile apps streamline the process by making the information ready at the press of a button. Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is secure as long as the coders who developed the program followed encryption protocols.

Test results

Waiting for test results can often be a grueling process of each party trying to get in contact with one another. With an app, doctors could post the test results to the patient’s account and then the patient could use their secured login credentials to access the test results. Another good idea is to allow the patient or doctor to leave comments or messages which are easy to access. Between a doctor’s busy schedule and a patient’s attempts to contact the hospital, communication is very difficult.

Patient reminders

An app to help patients remember appointments, when to take certain medicine, and when it’s time for them to schedule a test is extremely important. People are busy and sometimes forget that they have an important appointment coming up. Further, many doctor’s offices are overbooked, and they might not have an appointment coming up. An app that allows the office to remind the patient of their appointment makes this process much easier. And, if it could remind people to take medicine and schedule treatments, all the better! People have lives, and these types of things aren’t always first in line, even though they should be. If you’re interested in our mobile app developers helping you create a well-programmed app for your medical facility, contact us today!

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