3D globe Source Code SDK for Android Mobile

We are please to announce that our 3D Globe for Android Mobile has been released. The 3D globe for Android brings you all the great features that the iPhone 3D Globe has. The code is written using Java and OpenGL. It allows the user to navigate around the globe with their finger and zooming in and out with two fingers. The code allows you to easily add markers to the globe. The markers can be any PNG file. For example you could have a country flag over every nation capital in the world. Or a little airplane over major world airports. The code registers taps and converts them into GPS coordinates. The code also can detect if a marker has been touched and returns the ID of the marker.
Licenses to the Android Globe and iPhone Globe are available to be purchased as a bundle.
If you would like to hire us to implement your 3D globe for the iPhone or Android you can visit the Hire iPhone and Android Mobile App Developer page.

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